PRAN RFL Public School

Where Knowledge Unfolds...

Overview Of PRPS

PRAN-RFL Public School (PRPS) is an educational initiative by PRAN-RFL Group with a view to providing high standard of education to the children of its employees and compatriots. It’s totally a non-profitable institute, established in 2014 from the point of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibilities) view.

Major General Amjad Khan Chowdhury (Retd), former CEO, PRAN-RFL Group and founder of this great institute dreamed to make PRPS a leading educational institute in the country by providing the community with quality, time standard education, education-friendly facilities and congenial environment required to learn and grow to the fullest sense.

Facilities include high highly qualified and well trained teaching staff, well-equipped and well- decorated specious classroom, computer lab, science lab, school library, auditorium, kids’ play zone, large campus, transport facilities for students and open fields for running wide range of sports and extra-curricular activities throughout the year. Alongside proper education we create fun-loving and caring atmosphere for intellectual growth of the little angles and students in the upper classes.

PRAN-RFL Public school affirms the dignity, potential and contribution of employees and partners in all respects. The management supports and stimulates freedom of expression. PRPS is following both Bangla & English Version Curriculum under NCTB (Pre-primary to Higher Secondary).

The School Management Committee (SMC) facilitates effective teaching and learning and performing as overall monitor of the school. PRPS SMC is a bridge between the school and the top management. SMC also plays vital role in the school as both decision and policy makers. Currently there are almost 2500 students, 85 highly educated and well trained faculty members and 35 admin staff at all its 03 campuses.

Finally, PRPS aims that its pupils will leave PRPS as God's gifts to mankind, assets to the family, society, country and the world as well having all the characteristics of future super heroes.

Our Vision

Imparting quality education to every intended pupil with the latest findings and technology in the field of education so that our students can compete with the rest of the world with self-confidence and self-esteem.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the best opportunity for students to develop their potential to the full, to acquire knowledge, and to adopt a positive attitude towards work, life and their community so that they can be future leaders having all possible characteristics of global citizens in accordance with our school.