Speech From Students and Guardian

Speech From Students
I am a student of PRAN-RFL Public School. I am studying in this institution from the beginning. I am here because of some special reasons. This is one of the best schools in this locality. I know students in other school don’t get what facilities I’ve got and enjoyed reading in this school. The teaching method of my school is totally different from the traditional schools. We are getting here the modern technology in our classrooms. We have a nice computer lab with all modern facilities. We have a big library with a huge collection of different books.

We have a very qualified teachers’ group. Our teachers are very much friendly and supportive. They love us, take care and work hard for making us good human beings. They not only give knowledge of prescribed books but also provide different knowledge on different subjects beyond prescribed books for building our career.
Most of the famous schools of our country don’t have playground but our school has a very beautiful green field and all sports equipments. Another facility of my school is that on every Thursday we have ECA (Extra Curricular Activities) that includes music, debate, crafts, acting, recitation etc. We celebrate all National Days with colorful cultural program. I am proud to be a student of this school.
Sara Ahmed
Class: Eight

Speech From Guardians
PRAN-RFL Public School is a famous school in Narsingdi district. The environment of the school is very beautiful. There is a big playground in front of the school. Students play in the ground which help them to develop their mental and physical growth. Teachers’ quality of the school is really appreciable because all of them are well qualified and educated. They teach our children with great care. Teachers always communicate with us about the condition of our child which help us to take care of them at home accordingly. As teachers are so careful, we don’t have to take any tension for their development. The class room quality and infrastructure of the institution are attractive and modern which help our children to get the quality education by using all modern equipments practically. I am very much pleased that my child is studying in this institution.


PRAN-RFL Public School(PRPS)